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Best Dentist In Springfield?

// March 7th, 2010 // No Comments » // About Us

Very few people like to go to the dentist, so we try to make things more enjoyable. First, we like to sit down with you and let you tell us why you came to see us. We don’t like things being pushed at us, so we don’t do it to you. Listening to your wants and needs first, we can determine what conditions exist in your particular situation and then let you decide what course of action you wish to take. Second, as everyone knows, especially during these times, we all have a budget to work with and we will help to make your plan work with your budget. We can work as fast or as slow as you like. No interest payment plans are also available (WAC). Third, we offer everyone movies in the chair! This is one thing almost everyone comments about. You get your choice of a large selection and get your own personal headphones to down everything else out. What could be better than that? Come and see us today!– Dr. David

All kinds of questions are asked when people are looking for a good dentist:

  • Who is the best dentist in Springfield?
  • Who is the best dentist in the area?
  • What dentist has a lot of experience?
  • Who has the best prices?
  • Are lots of insurance plans accepted?
  • Who is the best cosmetic dentist?
  • Can I find a painless dentist? Does a dentist give good shots?
  • What dentist offers convenient hours?
  • Can I get all my work done in one place?
  • What dentist has the latest technology?
  • Digital Radiography?
  • CEREC?
  • Digital X-rays?
  • Does this dentist do braces too?
  • What about an Invisalign dentist?

Hundreds others exist, but these are a few that we think we are well equipped to handle and be able to take care of you!

While everyone will of course have their own opinions, Dr. Robert E. Fuchs and David M. Fuchs work together to be some of the best dentists in Springfield, MO. They try to make everyone’s experience so good, they will actually enjoy coming back to see them!