Great Reviews From our Great Patients

We love it when our patients tell others about us, your dentist! Both Dr. David Fuchs and Dr. Robert Fuchs value every patient we see and it is invaluable to us when you share your great experiences with others!


As more and more people use the internet to find a new dentist, we love it when our patients write a short review to put on internet sites so others can find out more about Smile Dental. A good, honest review highlighting your great experience at our office in invaluable and we appreciate every one.


Our most valuable listings are on Google & Facebook. The links to our listings are:


1) Google – Smile Dental

2) Facebook – Smile Dental


If you feel really ambitious in helping us out, a few other places you could go to for posting are:

3) Angie’s List – Smile Dental


5) (Dr. David) – (Dr. Fuchs)







Once again, thank you for your loyalty and trust in allowing us to provide you with quality dental care. We think honesty, integrity, quality workmanship, and a caring heart matter. We are so glad you feel so comfortable under our care and want you to know we appreciate you and your family.