Sedation Dentisty

Let me guess, going to the dentist is not your idea of a good time!


Well, we want to change that by offering you oral conscious sedation dentistry. You take a pill, lie back, and relax while all your anxiety floats away! All your work is completed while you are awake but sedated comfortably. The next day, you usually don’t even remember what happened at your appointment! Come visit our inviting office and go over all your options. Finally, you can get the smile you have always dreamed about, without any worries!


Before starting any sedation treatment we thoroughly go over all your medical history and medications to make sure you are a good candidate for OCS. Both David Fuchs D.D.S. and Robert Fuchs D.D.S. are licensed with the state of Missouri with the additional Oral Conscious sedation certificate of training as well as the medical preparedness site certificate to perform OCS.