$19 New Patient Special – Coupon for a great dentist in Springfield, Mo

// January 9th, 2012 // Old Coupons

Come see one of the best dentists in the Springfield, MO area for only $19! You can’t find a better value in the Ozarks to get a full exam and 4 bite wing x-rays, a $117 value for only $19! (panoramic film not included if necessary) That is a savings of almost $100! Give us a call at (417) 887-SMILE(7645). Expires 6/30/2011. Good for patients without insurance only and only new patients to the practice.

13 Responses to “$19 New Patient Special – Coupon for a great dentist in Springfield, Mo”

  1. Sandra Bailey says:

    i would like a coupon

  2. Dr. David says:

    Just mention this ad when you call!

  3. Brad Gebhard says:

    I would like to set up an initial appointment.

  4. Dr. David says:

    Just give the front desk a call, 417-887-7645(SMILE), and they would be happy to talk with you about it…

  5. shabuj says:

    Hi, I need to use dental implants in two of my teeth. How much it may cost? Am I eligible for the cost of $19?

  6. Beverley says:

    Can I still get the $19 first time price?

  7. jack Hubbs says:

    Have just had an old venner come off of a chipped front tooth. What would the charge be for an exam to determine the cost to repair?

  8. Heather Stokes says:

    I need to get a molar tooth pulled on a fixed income and seen the $19 special was wondering if that was still available? Also was wondering how much it was to pull my tooth thank you! I left my number on your answering machine before I seen this.

  9. Dr. David says:

    Call the office and schedule a consultation, we would love to help you out in your situation.

  10. Dr. David says:

    You can use the $19 new patient special for a full exam!

  11. loriana says:

    I would like to know if your $19 new patient special is still available? I need a tooth filled and have been looking for a good dentist in this area.

  12. Tammy Haynes says:

    Iam trieing to find a cheap dentist because I know I need top dentures. Because I have know top teeth and I know I need I think there 9 left on bottom. They need pulled and I need dentures. I’m going through a really ruff time right now.teeth are a problem right now and what is the cost for exam? what is charge to pull teeth and top and bottom dentures?

  13. Gemper McCoy says:

    How much would regular braces be for my 13 year old daughter? Can I get an estimate or would you need to look at her teeth first?

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